Lucinda Wickenden

Lucinda Wickenden

Geo/His/Sci Department Coordinator

With a history in medical studies I am an English Teacher from Hampshire, UK with over 18 years of teaching experience in Italy, from Kindergarten right the way through to Middle School and beyond. I consider myself a dedicated Science, History and Geography teacher who encourages the creativity and exploration of each student.  As the Science, History and Geography coordinator at Northlands International my greatest satisfaction comes from relaying complicated scientific theories in an adept manner, engaging students in scientific discussions and using hands-on experience in order to understand concepts taught. I am passionate about teaching the United nations Global Goals in my Global studies program and Citizenship of which I have incorporated into the standard History and Geography program for all grades.

My teaching role has included English Tutor for students with learning difficulties, with the association AIDAI (l’associazione Italiana Disturbi Attenzione e Iperattivitá )

Working alongside the psychologists at the AIDAI association to teach English and learning

techniques to help students with learning difficulties make progress.

After 12 years of experience of studying the behaviour in the classroom of children with learning difficulties, Autism, ADD, ADHD, dyslexia dysgraphia and dyscalculia. I attend conferences and courses offered by the MIUR as I am an associated teacher due to my experience in special needs. On The 19Th of March at the RISA conference 2011, I gave a conference on my theories and case studies including techniques on how to help children from Nursery school to secondary school with learning difficulties by activating their mirror neurons, and teaching using different methods. 

“ Teaching is not about completing the curriculum or arriving at bench marks ! it’s about providing students with inspiration and a desire to investigate and learn more about the subject you teach” – Lucinda Tocchi-W.